Five Bills Fans Also Drive Wide Right After Game

As Scott went over in the Speed Read this morning, there was quite the case of deja vu going on in Buffalo last night.  Not only did the Buffalo Bills lose another close game at home on Monday Night Football — you may remember their collapse against the Cowboys last season — but to lose on a Rian Lindell field goal attempt that sailed wide right at the end a la Scott Norwood in Super Bowl XXV probably brought up a lot of bad memories.

Of course, as we all know there’s only one way to deal with bad memories, and that’s trying to erase them from your mind before they have a chance to entrench themselves in your psyche.   One way of doing that would be suicide, but that’s a bit too drastic.  After all, it’s only football.  No, the safest, most efficient way to erase your memories of an event is to get really drunk.


The State Police DWI saturation patrol netted five arrests for drunken driving after the Buffalo Bills Monday night game, officials reported this morning.

The saturation patrol, aimed at drunken driving throughout the area, not just around Ralph Wilson Stadium, was deployed from 10 p.m. Monday to 2 a.m. today.

Troopers arrested the following people for DWI: Adam Baker, 25, of Buffalo; Darryl Hinterberger, 65, of Orchard Park; Thomas Lenahan, 28, of Shelby, Ohio; Richard Stiegler, 44, of Depew; and Joseph Basil, 29, of Wellsville.

Now while I can’t be sure, I’d be willing to bet that one of those five — I’ll just go ahead and say Joseph Basil — was this guy.

Of course, while the DWI arrests are pretty standard following a sporting event, there was a new charge thrown out there for one lucky girl.

State Police also charged Brittany Henel, 21, of Cheektowaga, with unlawfully dealing with a child.

What the hell does that even mean?  Was she punting the kid across the parking lot or something?