Rex Ryan Dad To Tony Dungy: Pipe Down, Buddy

Longtime NFL coach Buddy Ryan was quizzed today on Philadelphia radio about criticism Tony Dungy leveled at Ryan’s son Rex about the Jets Coach’s penchant for f-bombs on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Buddy and Rex Ryan

(Surprising tho, no calls for Dungy to get off Buddy’s lawn)

While needling Rex Ryan about his obscenity-laced presentation during the HBO program yesterday, Dungy also suggested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tell the Jets coach to tone down the expletives during the show.

Here’s the transcript of Buddy Ryan’s comments today about Dungy on Vai Sikahema and John Gonzalez‘ show on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly:

John Gonzalez: “Tony Dungy said that he wouldn’t hire someone who curses as much as your son, Rex, and had said that he hopes that Commissioner Roger Goodell will step in

Buddy Ryan: “I don’t think he had applied for a job with what’s his name either” (seems to be Buddy stating that Rex never applied for a job with Tony Dungy)

John Gonzalez: “Tony Dungy had said that he hopes Commissioner Goodell will step in and say something. Do you think that

Buddy Ryan: “Well it’s none of Dungy’s business

John Gonzalez: “So you don’t think the Commissioner has any place to step in and tell Rex how to run his team then?

Buddy Ryan: “Commissioner can do anything he wants to and I think he’ll take appropriate action. I think it’s being blown way out of perspective”

During his comments about Rex Ryan on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday, Dungy also dragged Buddy into the conversation: “His dad was the same way and coached the same way.

I never in my life thought I’d ever fully agree with Buddy Ryan on an issue of personal conduct - especially as it pertains to Dungy - but from his surprisingly diplomatic radio reax, I can’t dispute anything he said.

And the more I hear from NFL observers, the more it appears Dungy is in the minority in his call for Goodell to step in and demand that Ryan change his daily approach for the HBO cameras.