Rex Ryan Mourns Ravens Loss By Taking Jets Job

While we know that for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers that Sunday was a great day and both teams were celebrating deep into the night, the feelings had to be the exact opposite for members of the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.  Of course, how they responded to their heartbreak, we can’t be sure. For the Ravens, a lot of their postgame thoughts were probably devoted to Willis McGahee and whether or not he was still alive, but not defensive coordinator Rex Ryan’s.

Most of the Ravens probably hadn’t even finished showering or toweling themselves off when the New York Jets called Rex, and as Ray Lewis was no doubt still beating Joe Flacco in the corner of the locker room, Ryan was accepting an offer to become the next head coach of the Jets.

From ESPN:

Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan has agreed to a four-year contract to become coach of the New York Jets, according to multiple sources.

An announcement will come later Monday and a news conference introducing Ryan will be held Wednesday.

The Jets made a formal offer to Ryan “about an hour” after the Ravens lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game, the sources said.

It’s reportedly a four-year deal that according to a Jets source is “almost identical” to the $11.5 million deal the Rams gave Steve Spagnuolo. What this deal also does is prove once again that the NFL is a copycat league.

This season there were a whole bunch of virgin head coaches who had success. Whether it was Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, Mike Smith with the Falcons, or Tony Sparano in Miami all making the playoffs in their first season — and Arizona’s Ken Whisenhunt is only in his second season — coaches popping their cherry are the in thing right now, and all four coaches hired this offseason will be first-timers as well.

Whether or not there’s anything to it, nobody knows, but I’m pretty sure that Sean Avery approves of the NFL’s new coaching philosophy.

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