Rex Grossman Charles Tillman Photo From Las Vegas Nightclub Pure

REX GROSSMAN STILL MONEY AT PRIME RIB BUFFET: The “Davie Brown Celebrity Index (DBI)“, which rates eight categories such as awareness, appeal, notice, trust and influence among U.S. consumers, is the gold standard for measuring the marketing appeal of celebrities and athletes.

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports the DBI for Super Bowl heroes Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy increased after the game, while Bears quarterback Rex Grossman’s “appeal score fell five points, while his trust score dropped three points.

Rex Grossman Charles Tillman Las Vegas Nightclub Pure

While that may prevent Grossman from appearing on a Wheaties Box, it hasn’t apparently effected his comp status in Las Vegas, where he was photographed at the “Pure” nightclub with teammate Charles Tillman on Saturday night.