Revenge Of The Nerds: Duke, Vandy, NU All Good

It’s not surprising that College GameDay will be making its third straight appearance in SEC country this weekend. But Nashville? I thought UT was in Knoxville. Oh, Vanderbilt? They have a team? That’s right, sports fans, Lee Corso will be embarrassing himself at Vandy this Saturday as the 4-0 ‘Dores prepare to face off with Auburn.


It’s a nod to the stunning new college football landscape, where Vandy, Duke, and Northwestern are a combined 12-1 (with the only loss being by Duke to Northwestern). Vanderbilt hasn’t had a winning season since 1982. Northwestern hasn’t been 5-0 since 1962. Prior to this past Saturday, Duke hadn’t won an ACC game since Millard Fillmore was president. It’s insanity.

Ridiculous video after the jump.

It’s a pretty good time to be a football fan in Nashville, as the Titans are also 4-0 for the first time ever. But the real story is Bobby Johnson’s Commodores, who burst onto the national scene with a win over South Carolina earlier this season and then pulled off what’s looking like a good road win at Ole Miss. They got off to a 5-3 start last year but lost four straight to wrap up a 25th-straight losing season. Johnson is in his seventh season at Vandy and had won a grand total of 15 games over that stretch entering this season, which was good enough to earn him a phone call from Duke when the Blue Devils were looking for a new coach last winter.

Speaking of Duke, there is much rejoicing as the Blue Devils actually got a vote in the coaches poll. And there’s a chance it wasn’t Spurrier! Or maybe it was. Even David Cutcliffe thinks it might’ve been him (via the DUKE CHRONICLE):

“It might be a good friend or it may be Coach Spurrier who did it again, as he did in the past,” Cutcliffe said. “Those things don’t mean a lot, other than if somebody is sincere in the vote, that there is some respect that  is being earned. All that is short-lived if you don’t take care of your business. We’re more interested in just becoming a better football team.”

Only at Duke could you be 3-1 and think that your Top 25 vote was still done in jest or as a favor.  The athletic department, however, is getting a bit cocky now, deciding that a 2010 game with Alabama that was going to be moved to Atlanta for “recruting exposure” (and to draw actual “fans”) is now going to stay in Durham.

Meanwhile, at Northwestern…well, let’s just say that things are going so well that this was allowed to happen: