Revenge Is A Dish Best Served To The Right Guy

Plotting to take revenge on someone for making racist remarks by robbing them? Probably not what Martin Luther King Jr. would have recommended. But if that’s the route you’re going to go, at least make sure that you rob the right people. Otherwise, you just look sloppy. That’s the hard lesson that the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE is reporting that Cal fullback R.J. Garrett and former teammate Gary Doxy allegedly learned.

Gary Doxy and RJ Garrett

According to police (and nothing good comes after that phrase), the two had heard about racial slurs made by a white member of the Cal crew team to a black female student and friend. So their solution was to break into the guy’s dorm room and rob the place. Which might have served some bizarre form of comeuppance if they had in fact targeted the right person.

But they didn’t, instead robbing two other Cal crew team members who were at the party but did not make the alleged slurs. They held the two victims at gunpoint (OK, BB guns, but still) and stole items including a wallet and laptop. Garrett was also charged with having an illegal sawed-off shotgun, which was later found by police in his room. So at least he had the sense to not use that during the alleged robbery. Bravo, idiot.

Doxy would have been a senior this season, but he was kicked off the team for academics. He was high school teammates with Eagles rookie DeSean Jackson, and many people believe he was recruited as a package deal to get Jackson to the Golden Bears. And this isn’t Doxy’s first run-in with the law, either: he was grazed by a bullet in a shooting in 2005 that left a woman killed.

Meanwhile, Garrett, the son of the longtime coach at Crenshaw High, has never participated in an offensive play in three seasons. So I guess if you’re him, you need to create your own action any way you can.