Request: Please Forget About Amanda Carraway

You may remember this SbB post about B-movie actress and nudie model Amanda Carraway from last week.

Amanda Carraway Nudie Model Wife Of Monty Beisel

In a stunning development, evidently Ms. Carraway is no longer married to Arizona Cardinals linebacker Monty Beisel. And she’s abandoned a once-promising show business and modeling career. How’s that for a blindside?

She apparently sent this note to a site called POST CHRONICLE this week about a piece on that site:

“I have read your arcticle and it is completely false and I am requesting you take it down and stop writing about me. Monty and I have been DIVORCED since 2006, and yes I did do Playboy but way back in 2004, I am NOT appearing in the November issue and I have NEVER done or appeared on a soft core porn site! The link you have on your website shows bikini pictures of me from 10 years ago and I can assure you there are no other nude pictures of me, Playboy has the only ones…

Also, I am happily remarried to a wonderful man, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl in August and we live a nice quiet life in Kansas and we would appreciate you repsecting our privacy and stopping these arcticles immediately. Thank you kindly. Amanda (Carraway) Marsh”

As for appearing on a softcore porn site. We have no doubt that she doesn’t appear nude on the offending site (goto her page and click join at your own nsfw risk), but it appears whomever took those bikini photos of her sold them to the site. Or the photographer runs the site.

Sucks for her, but happens every day here in Lipstick City.

The irony is that Carraway doesn’t object to anyone reporting that she appeared nude on Playboy’s site (which actually links to hardcore sites), but is upset at reportage linking her clothed photos on another softcore site. What’s the difference? Porn is porn.

That said, we’re certainly happy for Ms. Carraway that she has found her Mr. Right, but very sad she has given up her show business and modeling career. Who saw that coming?