Reps For Mangino, Friedgen Discussing Buyouts

College coaching sources tell me this afternoon that the University of Kansas is in the process of discussing a possible buyout of the contract of football coach Mark Mangino with representatives of the coach. Also, the University of Maryland is meeting with reps of Ralph Friedgen to discuss a possible buyout of his contract. Additionally, Paul Wulff of Washington State is facing the same scenario at this time.

Mark Mangino Ralph Friedgen

Discussions are ongoing, and none of the deals will likely be announced today. Though my source indicates agreements for each of the three could be consumated by the end of the weekend. lists Mangino’s contract buyout to be $2.5M. Friedgen’s $4,560,000 and Wulff’s $1M.

I’ll have more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Joe Schad of ESPN today reports that Mangino will coach the Jayhawks against Texas tomorrow.