Reports: Tiger Considers Oprah Couch Confession

With six women reported to have had alleged affairs with Tiger Woods, there are multiple reports out tonight that Tiger Woods may be seriously considering a Hail Mary confessional on the Oprah Winfrey Show in an attempt to salvage whatever credibility he has left with the public.

Tiger Woods considers confesses on Oprah Winfrey Show

(Oprah: Tiger’s last (and best) chance to cut his losses?)

Victoria Ward of LONDON DAILY MIRROR sources: “The golfing star’s team of lawyers and PR advisers are desperate for Woods to spill the beans on Oprah’s sofa, possibly alongside his devastated wife Elin.”

Nigel Pauley of LONDON DAILY STAR sources: “The disgraced superstar golfer is considering an “enticing” offer to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s top-rated chat show.”

And Philip Sherwell of the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD sources: “The Oprah strategy is under discussion in Camp Tiger as a series of tawdry new claims emerge about Woods’ alleged infidelities after he admitted unspecified ”transgressions” and ‘’sins” last week.

Those speculative reports come after Rob Shuter of AOL gossip website reported last Thursday: “Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters and Larry King’s people have all called, but only lady O has personally reached out.

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Oprah reps denied the AOL report but that was before reports of four more women having alleged affairs with Woods surfaced - with more reportedly on the way.

I normally don’t subscribe to veracity of tabloid speculation, but there would be no better way for Woods to stem the tsunami of bad publicity by going on The O. Show.

We all know of his aversion for public pronouncements about his personal life, but if he’s going to salvage his standing with his business partners and the public, what other choice does he have?