Reports: D’Antoni Done as Phoenix Suns Coach?

Multiple reports suggest Mike D’Antoni has unleashed his last exasperated sigh at another Shaquille O’Neal turnover or failed post play by Amare Stoudemire. He could be out as Phoenix Suns coach as early as today, though no official word can be found and the multiple reports spend a lot of time referencing each other.

Steve Kerr shows love

(Enumerating the number of years he will be a general manager)

Still, one has to be impressed with the force of will likely to be imposed by General Manager Steve Kerr and owner Robert Sarver here. The team can’t win as currently constituted (though they looked awfully capable last season but for the want of a thicker line around the court), so a tremendous gamble will be made on a past-due Shaq.

And if it fails? Hell, must be the coach. The plan looked great on paper.

If D’Antoni really does have problems coaching defense, the answer certainly cannot be to help him by acquiring a defensive expert to pick up the slack or not gathering up every tremendously dense stick in the mud to guard the interior so the opposition can work him like a maypole. That’s just nonsensical talk. Why, there’s plenty of talent here!

When the talent has been traded away for picks in a year or two and the salary dumps have been completed in a futile attempt to sign Dwyane Wade or LeBron James, Steve Kerr will be out broadcasting games again and talking very little about the past few years. He will sound brilliant again and all will be forgiven.

In private, though, he will gather his foes in his mind and demand to know where the quart of talent disappeared to. After all, it was there when they all sat down.

P.S. John Paxson, please pick up the Official Michael Jordan Sidekick Party Line and get permission to speak to D’Antoni immediately. Don’t worry about Craig Hodges listening in and then whining that you’re not asking him to coach; MJ sent him the number for the Pete Myers summer camp instead.