Colorado Confirms No Invitation Yet From Pac-10

UPDATE: 9:36p ET - Kyle Ringo of the BOULDER DAILY CAMERA reports after the Tuesday closed door meeting attended by the Colorado Board of Regents and Colorado University Athletic Director Mike Bohn:

CU does not have an invitation from any other conference. Meeting is over. Smoke but no fire here. No pending announcements. Basically administrators got advice from their lawyers about different scenarios.

Could one of those scenarios be a lawsuit of some sort if CU is left out of a possible exodus to the Pac-10 by six Big 12 schools?

Brittany Anas of the BOULDER (CO) DAILY CAMERA reports Tuesday:

Mike Bohn Colorado AD meeting with Colorado Board of Regents

The University of Colorado’s Board of Regents will meet behind closed doors tonight to receive legal advice about the Boulder campus’ possible switch from the Big 12 conference to the Pac-10, sources told the Camera.

The university doesn’t anticipate any formal action to result from the discussion about a possible league switch for the Boulder campus’ NCAA teams.

There will be no public participation and the meeting will take place behind closed doors.

Regents are holding the “special” meeting tonight at 5 p.m. in executive session to “discuss a specific legal matter.” The board is meeting at 1800 Grant St. in Denver.

At 7:15p ET, Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera reported:

The CU Board of Regents just went into executive session to discuss the school’s options with expansion. CU athletic director Mike Bohn just joined the regents to answer their questions.

Chip Brown of the Texas-affiliated also contributed today to the growing speculation that Colorado could soon affiliate with the Pac-10:

There is growing speculation from other Big 12 members that Tuesday night’s meeting among Colorado University leaders is to discuss the legality of bolting the Big 12 right now to accept an invitation from another conference, two sources told

Colorado is expected to have a major announcement on Wednesday, sources said.

If the specualation is true, Colorado could be preparing to accept a bid from the Pac-10 Conference, which has targeted the Buffaloes for expansion.

The move would undercut an attempt by Baylor to sway the Texas Legislature into helping the Bears get an invite ahead of Colorado.

Yesterday it seemed, at least superficially, that Baylor might be gaining consideration for an invitation to the Pac-10 - at Colorado’s expense. But based on the latest reports out of Boulder and Austin, it appears that BU’s chances of making the move with its fellow Texas schools are dimming. (If that move were to happen.)

Texas Tech Rivals publisher and Lubbock ESPN Radio host Chris Level reported on Baylor vs. Colorado today:

Apparently the efforts by Baylor and Ken Starr turned off the Pac 10 and (commissioner) Larry Scott while CU sat quietly.

Keep in mind that Colorado bolting to the Pac-10, if it does indeed happen, won’t cause the immediate dissolution of the Big 12. But it is interesting to note the speed at which CU (and the Pac-10?) apparently moved following early reports of a possible exodus of Big 12 teams to the Pac-10.

Also interesting to note that the Camera reports do not mention the Mountain West, which may indicate that the Pac-10 reached out to Colorado and school regents are meeting in response to that contact.

Or not.