Reporters Becoming Billboards Ron Mexico Name Generator

• DEADSPIN has this word from our sponsor: the Fourth Estate is being re-zoned for commercial use:

This Space For Rent shirt

• The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE knows which Detroit Tiger shops at Wal-Mart, thanks to the burgeoning bloom of athlete-penned blogs.

• D’OH! Gregory Hardy of CBS SPORTSLINE runs down the roster of his All-Simpsons football team.

Bart Simpson Football Halftime

• Need an alias to get out of a dogfighting indictment? GIRLS GONE SPORTS comes to the rescue with the Ron Mexico Name Generator.

• The HARTFORD COURANT has hair-raising news that George Steinbrenner is perturbed by his perms in the ESPN series “The Bronx is Burning”:


• Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED fondly remembers his welcome into the Boise State family.

• GOOD NEWS IN SPORTS reports Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is donating $1 million to Youngstown State University.

Jim Tressel Youngstown State

You don’t think he’s trying to buy off the Penguins before their colossal Sept. 1 matchup with his Buckeyes, do you?

• BLACK ATHLETE SPORTS NETWORK nominates Mark Jackson as David Stern’s replacement for NBA Commish.

• The COLUMBIA BASIN HERALD reports the town of Cheney, WA, is 12th Man out, as the Seahawks move their training closer to Seattle. Unforunately, owner Paul Allen can’t hear their cries from inside his yellow submarine:

Seahawks Yellow Submarine

• The NEW YORK SUN gets on the bus with news that Jerome Bettis believes Bill Cowher will be coaching the Giants in 2008.