Reporter: ‘Disrespectful’ Reilly ‘Why People Die’

Thanks to his experience researching and running with the bulls at Pamplona, Spain, award-winning NFL reporter Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports was appalled at an ESPN-TV piece on the subject by Rick Reilly aired today on the network.

Rick Reilly Swatting Bulls of Pamplona With Rolled Up Newspaper

Robinson made the following observations about Reilly’s piece on Twitter:

Rick Reilly is a jackass. Saw his piece w/ the running of the bulls. His swatting bulls w/ a newspaper is dangerous & disrespectful. Moron.

Rick Reilly and ESPN are lucky he didn’t get someone killed. Do some research before you endanger other people’s lives. Reckless & terrible.

I love that ESPN glorifies Reilly being a totally disrespectful ass. Do some research. He’s exactly why locals hate Americans at the event.

Friends who I met when I ran w/ the bull can’t believe the Rick Reilly video piece, either. Dangerous self-aggrandizing garbage. Shameful.

5 minutes of research tells you the rolled newspapers R to distract bulls if they get disoriented & charge. Not 2 recklessly hit them. Idiot

I am beyond pissed about this Rick Reilly running with the bulls piece. He endangered other runners. He’s why people die. Total idiot.

The running of the bulls is an extremely dangerous endeavor, so it’s surprising that Reilly took such a lighthearted approach - especially when lives of people around him are literally at stake.

Also worrisome is the apparent endorsement of Reilly’s wrongheaded approach to the activity by ESPN, which could lead to viewers adopting similar tactics if they choose to run with the bulls in the future.

It’s to ESPN’s credit that it has become such a powerful force in affecting the habits of its viewers - just ask the network’s advertisers. But that influence cuts both ways.

ESPN should consider stopping the airing of such an ignorant perspective on a life-and-death endeavor and remove the piece from its website.

Nothing personal against Reilly or ESPN, but as journalist Robinson rightfully observed, the information contained in the piece is downright dangerous to anyone who views it and doesn’t follow up with his or her own research.