Reporter Crushed for Questioning UK Perfection

The University of Kentucky is infallible. All great things come from the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has a wonderful plan for our lives. Blessed be the University of Kentucky. We shall never doubt her.

(Are the angry mobs gone? Can you still see the makeshift torches made from couch legs? No? Okay. Let’s start.)

Angry mob

(shh; the UK mob can still hear us when we type)

Jerry Tipton from the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER has been nigh crucified for two recent articles (and accompanying podcasts) on new UK recruits, including one about UK head coach Billy Gillespe recruiting an eighth-grader. The abuse has grown so vehement that HERALD-LEADER editor Linda Austin felt she had to step in and defend Tipton.

In both articles, Tipton speaks to all parties involved in the issues (when available) and presents reactions in an even-handed manner. You can see the flaw in his approach.

In the second article, the recruited player’s mother states that she finds Gillespie nowhere near as “arrogant” as she had heard. Who does Tipton think he is to write down what other people say and then put it into newsprint?

Jerry Tipton, as pointed out by his editor, has covered UK basketball for over 25 years. Despite that old school pedigree, he also has a blog and podcast (where the inflamed colons of UK fans reached their irritability bursting point).

As everyone knows, bloggers are not allowed to attack each other as per the Marc Andreesen Act of 2005. Therefore, we support Tipton fully in this matter. (Also, he used an interrobang in one of his quotes. Interrobangs are our favorite punctuation mark. We’re so easy to please, really.)

For those of you looking for news reporting with a little more respect for the people it covers, we have a suggestion.