Report: Woods Paying Elin ‘Seven Figures’ To Stay

Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES sources breaking news that Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren have entered marriage counseling and are in the process of reworking their pre-nuptial agreement.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

(Love Money conquers all)

More notable though is Zwecker reporting that Woods is paying Nordegren a “hefty seven-figure amount” to remain his wife.

Also, don’t look for Woods’ wife, Elin, to be moving out of the couple’s Windermere, FL., mansion anytime soon. The links legend’s spouse is reportedly being paid a hefty seven-figure amount — immediately transfered into an account she alone controls — to stick with her husband.

On top of that, my source indicated Elin Nordegren Woods, the mother of Tiger’s two children, has demanded — and is getting — a total rewrite on the couple’s prenuptial agreement making the incentives for her to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods even more enticing.

At this point, the couple needed to remain married for 10 years in order for Woods’ wife to collect a splitsville settlement of $20 million. I’m being told that time frame has been shortened — and the dollar amount increased “substantially.”

• Perhaps most important of all, the Woodses have already begun intense marriage counseling — at their home — with a counselor who has been conducting sessions several times daily.

For Woods, the investment is at the very least worth it financially. If Nordegren leaves him and takes the kids, it will only damage him more publicly and lead to fallout with his sponsors.

Meantime, it’ll be interesting to see if Nordegren wavers as more and more info continues to leak out about Woods’ myriad affairs.