Report: Tiger Offered Mistress Home, Employment

Homewrecking burglar Jaimee Grubbs (photos) reportedly was offered a “job and a free place to live in Las Vegas” while she was Tiger Woods‘ mistress for 31 months.

“She said that he had offered her a condo or apartment,” Keith Taylor exclusively told “From what she told me, he said she could stay there for free and sort of manage the property.”

Jaimee Grubs Tiger Woods Mistress Modeling Pics

(More modeling pics of Grubbs)

Who the hell is Keith Taylor? He apparently worked with Grubbs at a car dealership in 2007 as her ‘relationship’ with Woods was just taking off.

Garden variety mistress stuff. But Radar’s other detail, at least according to Taylor, is the kind of thing that could cut to the bone if you’re Woods’ (now well-paid) wife Elin Nordegren.

When he had tournaments she would wear a red shirt to work. She had kind of explained that that was a significant thing between them two,” he said. “Something special that they shared.”

The “shared” part of that anecdote is a little hard to swallow, considering Woods’ empirically-proven pattern of treating women only as baby makers or a receptacle for sex. But who knows, maybe those special order polos Nike did up for Elin got redirected to Escondido.