Report: Tiger Leaving Rehab At End Of The Week reports today:

Pine Grove Rehab Center - Where Tiger Isn't

(Where billionaire Woods went for therapy - instead of private, anon care?)

Tiger Woods is leaving sex addiction rehab by the end of this week. His wife Elin has flown to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to bring Tiger home, sources close to the situation told

The golfing legend is at the end of his program at Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

It has never been confirmed that Woods has set foot in the clinic since his Thanksgiving day car accident, let alone the state of Mississippi. For all I know, we may never learn where Woods has been since late November, as I doubt seriously he’ll be eager to share details when he comes back to golf.  Radar:

When Tiger leaves the clinic, he and Elin plan to go away together, alone, for a few days, sources told

“Tiger and Elin want to be alone out of public when he leaves the clinic,” a source close to the situation told

When hasn’t Woods been out of public since Thanksgiving night?

Though Radar is claiming that Elin is now back in Hattiesburg, both local airports show zero arrivals from the Orlando area the past three days. Those airports largely facilitate private planes and would not block arrival and departure information to the public.

For all I know, Radar is spot-on with its reporting, but I’d say there’s better than a 100% chance that we’ll never know if the online gossip is making everything up or is reporting hard facts.

The only fact that we can actually confirm? Elin hasn’t flown into a Hattiesburg airport during the times Radar reported she flew into town.