Report: Tiger Got Girls At MGM Grand, Mandalay

Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES sources more sordid behavior of Tiger Woods, this time in Las Vegas and Chicago.

Tiger Woods Statement

Zwecker reports that over the past five years Woods, through his bodyguard, would often pick up women at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay. Also noted was Woods’ crude, and inappropriate comments to a female server at a Chicago-area Morton’s Steakhouse. And the fact he once lost $100,000 in one night gambling at the MGM Grand.

Zwecker is also the columnist who initially revealed some of the details of Woods’ pre-nuptial agreement re-negotiation with Elin Nordegren, which was followed yesterday by Gerald Posner of THE DAILY BEAST. In other words, I believe what Zwecker is telling us.

In numerous conversations with key managers and other staff members at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay resort, The Bank nightclub, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and The Wynn uber-luxe resort, a pattern of Woods clearly seeking out female companionship the past five years has emerged.

Sources both at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay told me Thursday that Woods’ usual procedure was to use one of his bodyguards to approach women he found appealing. ”It didn’t take much. After all, he’s Tiger Woods,” said the MGM Grand staffer. ”Once the girls went to his table — he’d just take it from there.”

A source who worked at the Morton’s steakhouse in west suburban Westchester — when Woods was here for the PGA Western Open at Cog Hill in 2005 — gave me an earful Thursday. ”I was completely shocked — both by his bad language and repeated use of the f-word, and his extremely inappropriate comments to one of our servers. She handled it well, and just treated it like a joke. But several other employees were as shocked as I was, especially given it was only like a year after he was married.”

As for Woods’ jaunts in Vegas, I’ve also learned he hasn’t been exactly a superstar when it comes to winning at gambling. Sources from the casinos mentioned above were unanimous in remembering Woods losing large amounts.

”One night in particular, I’ll bet he lost something like 100 grand. . . . He truly walked out of there [MGM Grand] like a Tiger with his tail between his legs,” quipped the source. ”Of course, $100,000 to Tiger is chicken feed,” he added.

What Woods is learning now is that he can’t pay everyone to be quiet. He’s left a trail of disgruntled associates over the past five years and now they’re all exacting revenge.

Sadly though, until we get more smoking gun evidence like the voicemail, I don’t think this kind of thing will have an impact on Woods’ endorsements or his “marriage”.

I know I’ve said this before, but are you finally starting to see the real reason Woods’ guarded his privacy so tenaciously? It had nothing to do with family.