Report: Taylor Already Has Movie Deal For October

Armanda Salguero of the MIAMI HERALD has another scoop that has so far been overlooked (until now) regarding Jason Taylor.

Jason Taylor

(How can Taylor possibly live up to the likes of leading men like Ludacris?)

Taylor is due to make $7.5M if he plays NFL football this year, but according to Salguero, twinkle toes has a serious fallback position which may explain the jackass rodeo (see needless press conference) he called yesterday.

If he is forced to retire, Taylor has options. One is a movie offer that begins shooting in October. Taylor will pass on the offer if he’s playing for another team. If not, he will seriously consider accepting the offer.

And the $4.5 million payday that comes with it.

So Taylor has a movie deal in place that will pay him $4.5M? Why then is he considering returning to football? He will never, ever be hotter in Hollywood than he is right now. At least if he wants to get into acting.

Have you also noticed that the entire (sports and otherwise) media has opined that Taylor will be a flop as an actor? Since when does it take talent to be a leading many in the feature film business? How many untrained rappers (Ludacris, Ice-T, Ice Cube) and athletes (Dwayne Johnson, Jim Brown, Bob Uecker and of course, Juice!) have gone on to significant careers in the movie and TV biz.

If Taylor doesn’t get traded, expect him to *retire* at the start of training camp and not move a muscle unless a team like the Patriots pay Parcells’ sure-to-be-outrageous asking price.

In other words, if Salguero’s report is true, Taylor will be getting his pate powdered on-set come October.