Ronaldinho Declined $50m Per Season MLS Offer?

An international soccer website is reporting that futbol sensation Ronaldinho was offered a 32-million-euro deal from the L.A. Galaxy (that’s about $49.58 million US, and it’s “after tax“).

Ronaldinho soccer

But how can the Brazilian say “Não” to that kind of cash?

Either the dollar has lost value more than any of us thought, or Ronaldinho thinks he can still play at Europe’s highest level. From GOAL.COM:

That staggering contract would be split down the middle with Ronladinho having a €16m playing contract as well as receiving a further €16m for image [endorsement] rights.

Galaxy look set to be left disappointed…Ronaldinho’s representatives have made it clear that at 28, the player still believes that he can perform at the top level in European football and is holding out for a Champions League team.

Ronaldinho is currently the property of struggling FC Barcelona, who is looking to retool with new incoming manager Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola. Offers also for Ronaldinho are being fielded from traditional powers Chelsea and AC Milan.

As for the Galaxy, this is a very ambitious offer from a team and a league that generates little-to-no TV revenue. So where does that money come from?

AEG’s partnership with CAA - see David Beckham’s deal. Half of the money owed would’ve been made up by CAA’s ability to cash endorsements for the Brazilian striker.

If this report is true, it’s a beyond-bold move by Galaxy Owner Phil Anschutz in his bid to plant soccer’s flag back on the stateside map. But for now, MLS ever approaching it’s namesake “Major League” moniker will have to wait.