Report: ‘Real Houswives’ Pursuing Vanessa Bryant

We’ve been waiting all these years for Vanessa Bryant to breakout into the public eye, perhaps now she has her chance?

Vanessa Bryant

Egypt Sherrod reports this week that “sources are buzzing that Bravo TV producers are trying to add NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant to the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Kobe Bryant Daughter Natalie Photos Vanessa Bryant Photos Pictures

(Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s daughter Natalie - future reality star?)

Sherrod also notes:

This past season they added grammy award winning singer songwriter Kandi Burress to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and ratings soared. Producers have recognized the value of adding high profile, celebrity types to the cast and Vanessa Bryant is a top contender for the Orange County edition.

Vanessa first met Bryant when she was in high school, and has been the (public) picture of a model wife ever since. We all remember her propping up her husband during that somewhat pathetic press conference to announce his infidelity.

Vanessa Bryant

That sort of devotion directly contradicts diving into the cesspool of reality television.

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Based on our public perception of Kobe and Vanessa, a seemingly happy couple with two young children in the public eye, you would think a reality show would be the absolute last thing a devoted wife and mother would want. But as we’ve found out so many times in the past, you never really know celebrities and their spouses the way you think you do.

There’s been plenty of (unconfirmed) rumors of Vanessa’s aggressive, manipulative behavior, so I can’t say I’d be surprised at anything she does. This may well be her jump-off into introducing her true personality to the public. To this point she’s come off as a relatively low-key, solid woman, and for all I know she is, but if she ends up revealed as  Cruella Deville thanks a production like this, I can’t imagine it will help Kobe’s kids, marriage and career.