Report: Police Motorcade Arrives To “Escort Elin”

UPDATE: X17 posts at 6:42p ET:

Although Elin was thought to have been leaving for her own house in Sweden this morning with the kids, the police motorcade was sent away not long after it arrived in the Windermere gated community. So it seems that Elin is still in Florida…but for how long?

UPDATE: X17 adds at 2:30p ET: “Two police choppers are also hovering overhead waiting for the motorcade to start their move.”

X17Online reports today:

Elin Nordegren Spotted Without Her Wedding Band

Two cop cars and eight police motorcycles have just entered Tiger Woods‘ Isleworth gated community in Windermere, Florida, presumably to escort Elin out.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells us, “With Tiger off on his yacht, Elin’s had enough. She’s ready to take the kids and go back to Sweden. And with this many cops on bikes entering the community, we can only imagine they’re preparing a motorcade for her to get herself and the kids to the airport quickly and safely.”

10 police officers is some serious security and indicates a significant trip. reported on Dec. 16:

Escaping the media glare, Elin Nordegren is taking the kids and traveling to her homeland for the holidays, a source tells PEOPLE.

“Elin is going to Sweden soon,” the source says. “Two stewardesses and one pilot are in Sweden with the plane now getting it ready to come pick them up.”

The initial plan was for Nordegren, 29, and the family to travel to Sweden in January. But those plans changed. Woods is not expected to come along.

The mag also reports the trip to Sweden will not be permanent.

Two days before the People report, noted:

A report surfaced in the Swedish newspaper Expressen that the golfing superstar’s private Gulfstream 4 jet - which is registered to “ETW” (Eldrick Tiger Woods) - flew out of Boston early Sunday and  arrived at Gothemburg Airport in Sweden on Sunday night. There were  no passengers onboard — just a 60-year-old pilot and two flight attendants.

Also, it’s important to note that Woods and Nordegren do own an apartment in Stockholm. I’ve heard from sources recently that the island home that Nordegren recently bought was actually intended for her mother’s primary use.

Woods, according to the PALM BEACH POST and is on board his yacht currently heading to the Bahamas.