Report: Parcells Trades 1st Pick For D. Anderson?

PRO FOOTBALL TALK, the best sports site without permalinks, reports that the newly-appointed Poobah of the Dolphins, Bill Parcells, may be considering trading the the club’s first round pick for current Cleveland quarterback Derek Anderson. And in case you’ve been shooting an extra role in “Cloverfield” for the past five months, the Fins are picking first in this year’s draft.

Bill Parcells Aretha Franklin

PFT: “For the Fins, the move makes sense. With taking a quarterback as the No. 1 pick in the draft a 50-50 proposition at best, why not move the pick and get a guy who has shown he can play? Also, because Anderson is farther along the learning curve than a rookie would be, the Dolphins would be in a better position to succeed while the Tuna is still in town.

Derek Anderson Cleveland Browns Quarterback

The transaction comes down to acquiring Anderson, a restricted free agent after this season, versus the Dolphins taking Darren McFadden with the first overall selection. With current Miami running back Ronnie Brown due to return next season, the scenario might seem somewhat sane, but forgive us if we have absolutely no confidence in Anderson, who came completely out of nowhere to grab the starting job from a certain QB from South Bend this season.