Report: MLB Considering ‘Remedy’ For Joyce Call

Tony Paul of the DETROIT NEWS reports Thursday that the Detroit Tigers “were believed to be preparing to contact the Major League Baseball offices, if they hadn’t done so already, after umpire Jim Joyce’s blown call with two outs in the ninth cost Armando Galarraga the 21st perfect game in major league history Wednesday, and the first by a Tiger.

Jim Joyce Missed Call Costs Armando Galaragga a Perfect Game

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski: “I wouldn’t get into telling you what I would do. That’s a private matter. He shouldn’t have missed it. It’s a shame for the kid.

Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann reports on his blog today:

“Major League Baseball sources with direct knowledge of the meeting confirm that key members of baseball’s hierarchy were to convene this morning in New York to review the circumstances of Umpire Jim Joyce’s erroneous ’safe’ call.

“Whether Commissioner Bud Selig was to be involved in the meeting from its start was unclear. There was considerable doubt that Selig felt he could or should intervene in overturning the results of an umpire’s on-the-field ruling.”

Earlier Olbermann Tweeted: “Sources confirm MLB Commissioner’s Office meeting this morning to discuss Galarraga/Joyce “Imperfect Game” + if remedy is possible.

I don’t expect that Selig and MLB will overturn the call. Instead, we’ll probably get some sort of announcement today that MLB is soon to re-consider instant replay for these kind of circumstances.