Report: Matt Kemp Moving Into Rihanna’s House

In the latest newsstand issue of STAR MAGAZINE, the tabloid reports offline that when Matt Kemp returns from Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training in Arizona in a week, he’ll move in to the L.A. home of his girlfriend, Rihanna:

Matt Kemp and Rihanna in Cabo

Rihanna is getting a new roomate! The singer, 22, invited her L.A. Dodgers star beau, Matt Kemp, to move into her Los Angeles home, an insider reveals. “He had boxes of his things brought over in mid-March. He’s training in Arizona now, but when he’s back he’ll be at her place.”

Still., the slugger, 25, is playing it safe. “He’s keeping his house, to see how things go,”adds the insider. “But they are so in love.”

Just in time for opening day, which’ll allow Rihanna to extract the most publicity possible from the relationship. Complete coincidence I’m sure.

So who is the happiest guy in town over this development? It isn’t Kemp.

Try Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt. McCourt is in the middle of an ugly, public divorce, the details of which rendering him the most unpopular person to Dodgers fans since Bobby Thomson.

This is probably the only time in his life that McCourt will be ecstatic to be overshadowed in the press - at least for now. It’s doubly delightful for the Dodgers Owner, who has embraced the vapid, Hollywood culture in a amusingly futile attempt to raise his own local profile.

 Frank McCourt Baseball's Berlin Wall
(Kemp-Rihanna coupling will allow McCourt to hide - for now)

If not for’s latest divorce court account of McCourt immolating millions on an unconscionably opulent lifestyle instead of trying to win a World Series, there’s not a single Angeleno who’d know the owner from a Rihanna roadie.