Report: Leyritz’s Crash Victim Was Driving Drunk

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Jim Leyritz pleaded not guilty today to “DUI manslaughter by unlawful blood-alcohol levels. He previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of DUI manslaughter with impairment in the death of Fredia Ann Veitch. Leyritz faces 15 years in prison if convicted.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

Feb. 28 Leyritz crashed his SUV into Veitch’s vehicle after allegedly running a red light.

Leyritz, who already had a long record of traffic violations, is facing the fight of his life in court. But the NEW YORK POST breaks news today that may help his side of the case.

NYP: “The 30-year-old mother of two tragically killed last month when boozing ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz crashed his SUV into her car had herself been driving drunk, The Post has learned. The victim, Fredia Ann Veitch, had a .08 blood-alcohol level, which is the state’s legal limit, sources close to the case said yesterday.“”Anything .08 or higher is considered DUI, driving under the influence, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.”

But Leyritz blew a .14, and allegedly ran a red light in the collison with Veitch, so it’s hard to say what the Post’s findings will mean in Leyritz’s case.

UPDATE: The AP reports Veitch’s BAC was .18, not .08. If Leyritz indeed ran a red light, then we suppose Veitch’s BAC level is irrelevant. But it does throw something to think about into the future court proceedings.