Report: Kook Threatened To Shoot Up Super Bowl

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports today that “A Tempe man surrendered to police on Super Bowl Sunday after plotting to shoot and kill people at the big game because of a liquor-license dispute, according to federal-court documents.”

Kurt Havelock

(Iceberg lettuce, piled high)

The crazy guy behind the plot is named Kurt Havelock, and he recently purchased an AR-15 assault rifle from the Scottsdale Gun Club (and) mailed to media outlets eight copies of a manifesto. In it he explained why he was planning to kill people at the Super Bowl.

We’ve always wondered about people who work at “gun clubs.” Aren’t they a little paranoid about some kook going crazy and shooting up the place? Ironically, it never happens, which is why we aren’t in favor of most gun control laws. But it defies all logic.

Anyway, FAN IQ has more details on the “liquor-license dispute.” Apparently Havelock was distraught because the city wouldn’t allow him to start a Halloween-themed bar called “Drunkenstein’s.

We’d be upset too, as that’s a brilliant name of a future drinking establishment *rushes to trademark office*. But we wouldn’t be unabomber-upset.

We’ve also noticed that the city of Scottsdale is starting to really starting to strike down the future development of party bars. We love that town, but we’re afraid it might go the way of Ft. Lauderdale (ugh) before too long.

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