Report: Ex-Girlfriend Behind Monty Tabloid Story?

Thanks to some online investigative work by Ryan Ballengee at, we now have a U.K. main media outlet reporting that one of Colin Montgomerie’s ex-girlfriends may be behind the embarrassing photos that reportedly spurred Monty to allegedly obtain a superinjunction from London’s high court against U.K. tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Paula Tagg Colin Montgomerie Photos

Last month, Charles Sale of the LONDON DAILY MAIL wrote:

These distractions may have something to do with Monty’s former girlfriend, model Paula Tagg, having taken advice from PR and publicity ringmaster Max Clifford - with the concern being how any story about Monty will impact on his preparations for the match against the United States at Celtic Manor in October.

Clifford is a reknowned celebrity publicist in the U.K. who has plenty of experience in representing clients in various snits involving News of the World and other tabloids.

Montgomerie reportedly dated Tagg in 2006 after the breakup of his first marriage. That relationship was confirmed by Tagg’s mother to the LONDON DAILY MAIL in this June, 2006 story.

Yesterday I reported that Montgomerie had allegedly been granted a superinjunction by London’s high court to prevent embarrassing photos from being published by NOTW. There’s also some conjecture that Monty also obtained a pre-emptive superinjunction that forbids U.K. media outlets from reporting that the superinjunction over the photos actually exists.

CBS golf commentator David Feherty also confirmed yesterday that Montgomerie has obtained an injunction over the photos and that it will be essentially impossible to keep that news out of the press before the Ryder Cup tees off in Wales on October 1.