Report: Elin Meeting With McCourt Divorce Lawyer

Ryan Parry of the LONDON DAILY MIRROR has new details on a possible divorce plan for the wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren:

Elin Nordegren Allegedly Considering Hiring Britney Spears Divorce Lawyer

(Sorrell, first feed Elin a sammich or six!!)

The 29-year-old Swedish model, seen out in Florida yesterday minus her wedding ring, is believed to be meeting celebrity lawyer Sorrell Trope next week. Trope, 82, a partner in Californian law firm Trope and Trope, has represented big-name stars including Cary Grant, Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage and Britney Spears in a 60-year career.

Trope is also serving as counsel for Frank McCourt in his divorce ensnarlment with estranged wife Jamie. With his high-profile background it’s no surprise Trope responded to the Mirror about its claim with something other than a “no comment.

Last night, when asked if he was representing Woods’ wife as her divorce lawyer, Trope replied: “Not right now.”

Parry also notes what many of us here in Los Angeles have been predicting for some time, Nordegren allegedly will file for divorce in California.

And in another blow to Woods, Elin is believed to be planning to file for divorce in California – where the couple have a home – and not Florida, where they live. Under California law the “no-fault divorce”, introduced in 1970, means there is an equal division of assets and property. This could mean that any pre-nup agreement Elin signed with the golf star will be torn up.

Parry added that Nordegren will remain in Orlando for Christmas and file for divorce in January.

If Elin does indeed file, and it comes in California, one guess what organization will be most thrilled by that development?

Hint: Three letters, starts with a T and ends with a Z.