Report: Drug-fueled Orgies For Denver Pro Ballers

CBS 4 in Denver sicks the “The Investigates Team!” on an old-school local social club for the well-monied elite.

Denver Sex Parties

The club reportedly hosted wild, cocaine-fueled sex parties for members that were staffed by prostitutes. The proceedings often cost participants $2,000-a-throw. And we know you’ll be shocked to know that some local professional athletes were somehow involved.

But the woman said downtown lawyers, money managers and businessmen were just part of the clientele. She said “doctors … general contractors … professional athletes” also patronized the prostitution service, which usually charged about $300 for an hour of sex. “Nuggets basketball players … Arizona Diamondbacks … Rockies baseball players” and some Denver Broncos were customers she said.

Of course, local authorities seem to be focusing on throwing the book at the call girl service operators and their prostitutes instead of the high profile customers - or the club itself (which doesn’t deny the orgies happened).

While no names are available of players (and coaches?) at the moment, we can’t imagine one of these well-kept young ladies won’t sing to “The Investigates Team!” soon. The problem is though, local law enforcement wants to protect the customers, so that’s probably wishful thinking on our part. “The Investigates Team!“, are you listening?!

The best part of the story for us was one the fact that one the prostitutes “positively identified several clients based on photos she was shown by CBS4.

So we guess that rules out the chance she was a Red Sox fan.