Report: D.A. Could Press Cable Charges Tomorrow

Tim Kawakami of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports this morning:

Something could happen tomorrow. We don’t know what the Napa Valley DA will do, and there are plenty of conflicting indications, but it’s possible the DA announces that he will press charges against Tom Cable.

Randy Hanson Tom Cable

If that happens, it’s almost certain that Al Davis would either suspend or fire Cable with cause. (Though the real cause would be the JaMarcus Russell Offense’s continued fizzle.)

Cable has repeatedly denied that he seriously assaulted Hanson, saying instead that the two had a brief scuffle. But there’s no denying that Hanson’s jaw is broken, something that can’t be explained away.There’s never an excuse to put your hands on anyone, but I’m a little torn after reading Hanson’s completely one-side verbal assassination of Cable to Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports. That created some gray area for me in this situation.

That said, Cable knew what he was getting into when he took over a staff rife with stoolies. Since he knew that going in, there’s no justification for attacking Hanson in any manner. He deserves to be terminated if his actions lead the Hanson’s injuries.

These details though really are incidental. Cable and Hanson will soon be forgotten and the debacle that is the Raiders’ franchise shall remain. Because of his obsession over spying on every employee, Davis is largely responsible for what happened between Cable and Hanson.

Has a pro sports franchise ever been in worse condition than the current Raiders?