Report: Chad Johnson Ignores $13,000 Tax Bill

Local 12 in Cincinnati notes today that the local Hamilton County auditor’s office reports “(Chad) Johnson hasn’t paid any property taxes for his Cincinnati condo since he bought it in 2004.

Chad Johnson Owes $13,000 In Taxes

The Local 12 news staff tried to embarrass Johnson by going to his home to confront him about the bill, but Johnson is currently in South Beach, tooling around in his putrid-looking, orange Lamborghini. How do I know that? I saw him last Friday here. In fact, I’ve seen him twice in the last week in the Miami area - which is where he grew up.

The Cincinnati electronic outlet goes on to report that $8K of that tax bill would’ve gone to local schools. Then reports this garbage:

Green is with an organization called Parents for Public Schools, and her two daughters are students. She says with the district suffering financially, students need every dime for a quality education.

“We have classes where students have to share books,” said Green. “We have classes where teachers are just photocopying textbook pages.”

Right. Johnson’s money would’ve gone directly to providing textbooks for students, and not down some teacher’s union-sponsored bureaucratic rat hole.


Johnson is a mentally ill? cheap, thoughtless jackass, but spare us the mo’ money for school agenda from the dumbass, local-yocal electronic media.