Report: Favre Finally Signs Contract With Vikings

Stop the presses! Pull up that nifty ESPN Breaking News graphic! This is the biggest news in the history of everything! Brett Favre will at long last become a member of the Minnesota Vikings!

Brett Favre Vikings Madden

Well, probably. Maybe. We’re not totally sure yet. PRO FOOTBALL TALK has the latest scoop on the ongoing (and admittedly tiresome) Favre-Vikings saga. The newest poop claims that Favre has signed a contract with the Vikes, and that the team is waiting to announce the big news. Probably right after they’re done watching “Whacked Out Sports“, or at least during a commercial break.

PFT says they heard about this newest Favre development from, all places, a military official in Afghanistan, and Army folks in Afghanistan would never lie about anything. If actually true, this final piece of the puzzle finally puts it all together:

If accurate, this means that the Vikings have a signed contract that they have yet to submit to the league office. Setting aside for now the question of whether league rules permit such tactics, it puts into perspective recent developments such as Favre’s use of “we” when discussing the matter with Artie Lange’s biatch, the visit by a Vikings trainer to Favre to check on his arm, and reports that coach Brad Childress wanted to see Favre participate in some of the offseason workouts.

These details all make much more sense if Favre already is a member of the team.

Yeah, that’s nice and all, but could there be any other evidence to support this contract claim? Well, the same source also mentioned that the Vikings have given the okay to Reebok to start churning out purple-clad #4 Favre jerseys.

Then that settles it. But wait, there’s still all that Jets stuff we gotta clear outta here!