Report: Al Davis Asks Kiffin To Resign As Coach

Lane Kiffin Al Davis

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports this afternoon that Oakland Raiders owner Al Davissent a letter to Lane Kiffin recently asking for the coach to resign.

Kiffin then told Mortensen that he had refused to resign.

Davis is reportedly also, SURPRISE, “considering Dennis Green as a potential replacement, sources close to Kiffin and the team said.

How low can go when you’re referred to as a “source close to Kiffin“? Might be time to look for another line of employ when that happens.

Green responds to Mortensen: “I haven’t really talked to Al about any coaching job but, really, how many times has my name been mentioned every time something goes on with the Raiders?”

Mortensen has more details about why Davis wants to rid himself of Kiffin, among them control over coaching hires and personnel. Hopefully they can patch up this spat. We don’t want anymore of worn-out, tired Mr. Trademark, and we rather enjoy the Raiders in their present decrepit state.