Report: A-Rod Acquired Prostitutes, Dated Madam

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports on the latest and greatest reason why Alex Rodriguez may want to live in Vail, CO, forever. Apparently, he’s on another list he may have suspected but hoped would never come to light. There’s no word about injections here, but that may be the only bright spot.

Alex Rodriguez and Kristin Davis

According to sources that spoke to the newspaper, A-Rod shopped for prostitutes at the same ’store’ as Eliot Spitzer and even dated the madam, Kristin Davis. The paper also alleges Rodriguez “wooed (her with) flowers, jewelry, persistence and heated e-mails” after they met at a Philadelphia gym in 2006.

Rodriguez supposedly took advantage of the service immediately with a woman whose father works for another MLB team. He then flirted with Davis while continuing the professional relationship at various NYC hotels. They allegedly dated briefly while Rodriguez was still married but ceased the relationship over said marriage.

Davis is still under probation for her involvement with the prostitution ring and has refused comment. Rodriguez has also declined comment through a spokesperson.