Remember Back When The Rockies Were Good?

Just a year ago, the Colorado Rockies were riding high from an improbable run to the World Series, even if it did end in a sweep at the hands of the Red Sox. Things were looking up, and the Rocks were poised to dominate the NL West for years to come. Oh, what a difference a year makes.

Rockies fans

(Sadly, the snowman is their #4 starter next year)

Colorado pitcher Luis Vizcaino was arrested for DUI early this morning after being pulled over for driving 71 in a 45 mph zone. But this isn’t nearly the most depressing news today for Rockies fans. The DENVER POST is now reporting that the team is interested in unloading Matt Holliday before he enters the final year of his contract, because they’re pretty sure they aren’t going to be able to sign him later anyway. Well, at least you had one good run, there, Rockies fans.

The POST notes that the team has been trying to trade Garret Atkins for pitching, and now Holliday is on the list as well. The Rockies are also unlikely to hang on to Brian Fuentes, who will be sought as a lower-priced alternative to Francisco Rodriguez for some of the large-market teams.  Holliday is trying to contain himself:

“It’s going to be interesting to see what happens,” Holliday has said repeatedly.

Fascinating that he keeps giving the same exact quote, but that’s beside the point. While Holliday should be excited about the prospects of playing for a better team and signing a long-term deal, he should be somewhat hesitant about playing an entire contract year in a city that isn’t 5,280 feet above sea level. Holliday is a career .357 hitter with a 1.068 OPS (on base + slugging) in Denver, but only puts up .280 and .803 in those categories on the road.

In a sense, the Rockies will likely devalue Holliday by trading him, as his agent won’t have mind-boggling numbers to present potential bidders next winter. The Mets, who desperately need a real left-fielder, seem like the best fit. But will they give up Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese to get him?

Going back to Vizcaino, it appears as if he’s about as good at driving drunk as he was at getting left-handers out this year. We rejoin the DENVER POST:

Police said Vizcaino’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol, with his blood alcohol level just over the limit.

So, he looked totally hammered and then blew like a .09? Congratulations, Luis, for even getting arrested like a middle reliever.

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