Reggie White Film Clip Featuring Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren

FAVRE STEALS THE SCENE IN ’90s REGGIE WHITE MOVIE: MAC G’s WORLD comes across this clip of cinematic gold with a Green Bay tint starring Reggie White, Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren:

It’s from the 1996 film - or more likely, TV afternoon special - “Reggie’s Prayer”, starring White as a former pro star trying his luck coaching a high school team.The scene above features then-Packers coach Holmgren as a wise old janitor who imparts Reggie with some sage advice - and football plays. Favre appears as the mentally-challenged but good-hearted assistant janitor.

Mike Holmgren video Reggie's Prayer

Some of the riveting dialogue:Holmgren: (to Reggie) “You’re the new coach!” (to Favre) “Told ya.”
Favre: (slow) “Told ya.
Holmgren: “First game?
Reggie: “20 Minutes to kickoff.”
Holmgren: (to Favre) “20 minutes.”
Favre: (slow) “Yeeeppp.”

Holmgren: “My son and I invented a football play a few years ago. Here, take a look.”
Reggie: “1979?
Holmgren: “Yeah, coach Carney was a busy fellow.”
Favre: (slow) “Busy, busy, busy guy.”

Brett Favre video clip Reggie's Prayer

Note the way Brett masterfully commands his on-screen presence with his skillful stacking of toilet paper rolls.Watch out, 2007 SI Sportsman of the Year Award. You’re soon gonna have company on the Favre family mantelpiece with Mr. Oscar!