Reggie Miller’s New Friend May Not Be So Innocent

When we first learned of Reggie Miller’s alleged harassment of (and philandering with) “married women,” we were a little perplexed - he doesn’t seem like the type to do that, if only because we can’t imagine someone that goofy-faced actually talking to women or having a healthy libido. No offense to the man, but he doesn’t exactly look like someone who’s going to steal your girl.

Texts Reggie Miller Ali Kay
(Reggie, you’re scaring us. She, however, is not.)

And so when we hear that Ali Kay, the fiancee in question (yeah, not even married to begin with; whoops) was a willing participant in the whole (sexless) ordeal, well, we can’t be completely shocked. But give Reggie some credit: If the above pictures are any indication, he’s got good taste.

The NEW YORK POST reports this banner that was flow over SoCal beaches recently was ordered by Kay’s millionaire fiance, Alex Von Fursterberg, in retaliation for the numerous text messages:

[Von Fursterberg] claimed the former Indiana Pacer was hitting on his 25-year-old bride-to-be.

But fiancĂ©e Ali Kay sent two provocative photos of herself to the NBA announcer during a three-month phone flirtation, the former hoop star’s lawyer Marty Singer insisted.

“There was one of her in bed and one with a bathing suit on,” he said.

Noting that Kay is not married, Singer blasted: “This is a ridiculous and absurd story about a single girl who exchanged text messages with Reggie Miller.”

He added that Miller and Kay “only met twice, and briefly,” but regularly communicated by BlackBerry starting in March.

Ali Kay

Okay, so the two talked on BBM frequently, met twice, probably didn’t consummate anything, and… that’s it? Pardon us if this seems like the fiance probably blaming the wrong person for the entire mess. Certainly it seems like no reason to try to publicly drag Miller’s name through the mud.

And claiming Kay was married to you when she isn’t? That’s not cool, man. That’s worse (in a different way) than saying you slept with a girl when you actually didn’t. You haven’t put that ring on it yet, Alex.

Ali Kay

Above all else, though… isn’t Kay the one person in this soap opera who’s got the most splainin’ to do? Fursternberg we can understand (even if he’s being whiney) and Miller likewise (even if he looks like a toy of an alien), but Kay… don’t you already have a man betrothed?