Reggie Miller Making Moves On Malibu Fiancee?

Reggie Miller has always been a polarizing figure in the NBA. His fans in Indiana adored his scrappy play, merciless sharpshooting, and gregarious off-the-court nature, but he also had many, many detractors who called him a cheapshot artist with a one-dimensional game.  In retirement, he’s been a pretty decent analyst on TNT, even when his mouth’s gotten him into a little trouble.

Reggie Miller Ali Kay

We’d heard all the arguments either way about his play, and read both good and bad reviews about his abilities as an analyst, but we hadn’t heard much about his off-camera life. But if some new allegations posted by HOLLYWOOD STREET KINGS’ turn out to be true, you can add womanizer and stalker to the list of terms used to describe the NBA Hall of Famer.

Just because we’re bloggers doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about dealing with the opposite sex - first, keep your hands off another man’s woman, especially when she’s famous fashion designer Ali Kay…and two, don’t stalk the ladies, especially another man’s woman. It’s unbecoming for everyone, especially when the police report gets written (see below). Here’s how HSK alleges Reggie Miller broke both rules:

Former Pacer great and current TNT network NBA announcer Reggie Miller started up a conversation with the fiancée of Alex von Furstenberg, a Malibu resident and surf shop owner locally. Reggie waited for her to leave the local Country Mart then followed her up the PCH begging for future encounters.

I never knew Reggie Miller was a stalker – did you? Thanks to a friend over at TMZ we got our hands on the  restraining order paperwork (which was not yet filed) and a long transcript of text messages between Reggie Miller and Alex V’s fiancee (see below). Reggie wanted to keep the future meetings on the down lo to avoid Alex V. knowing about it. A review of the text messages shows Reggie relentlessly pursued Alex V’s fiancée for three months. Sources close to HSK have also had similar experiences with Reggie and his fast break antics towards woman who are either married, engaged, or have boyfriends.

HSK alleges that lawyers are involved on both sides, which you might think would put an end to the shenanigans. Nope. HSK also caught this video of someone (von Furstenburg?) taking their message public about Reggie’s (allegedly) philandering ways:

Seems like an awfully ineffective way to get one’s message across, and last we checked a plane banner is not a legally binding way of filing a complaint. But a police report is, and if HSK is right, this is what’s going to be filed with the police if Reggie doesn’t shape up his act:

Reggie Miller Restraining Order 1

Reggie Miller Restraining Order 2

Reggie Miller Restraining Order 3

That’s a lot to wrap your mind around, but just be thankful it didn’t somehow involve Twitter, too. Seems like everything else in sports does.