Reggie Jackson On World Series Tix: “I Need Two”

TMZ has video of Reggie Jackson outside a New York hotel yesterday that is more than a little embarrassing, regardless of the circumstances.

Reggie Jackson needs tickets to World Series game

The piece starts out lame and actually peters from there, until Joe Morgan shows up at the end to do something he’s never done in over two decades of broadcasting: provide entertainment when there was none.

Jackson and Morgan small talk for a few seconds, the Morgan makes an offhand reference to picking up tickets for the game. That’s when Jackson interjects with, “I need two.” Morgan responds loudly with, “I wish you told me before!” Then, fin.

To be fair to Jackson, it appears he may have been trying to score a pair for his two friends, but there’s no tellin’.

Reggie Jackson needs tickets to World Series game

Actually in the case of Jackson, who happens to be one of the most cantankerous people I’ve ever been around, let’s not be fair and let our minds run wild with why he needed the tickets. Jim Leyritz-esque estrangement from the Yanks? Scalping? Beaten by Mike Tice in a bathroom dice game?

Also enjoy TMZ’s tone death reference to Morgan as a “former Phillies second baseman.” Dude played one year there, he’s anonymous to the current Phillies admin.

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