Reggie Bush Visits DC Not Excited About Sharing Last Name With President Bush

REGGIE BUSH NOT EXCITED SHARING SAME NAME AS PREZ: Scott Wolf of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reports on his blog that “Reggie Bush said he did not like politics when he was at USC but he couldn’t resist an invitation to the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner last night as a guest of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Reggie Bush Henry Kissinger

Bush told EDITOR & PUBLISHER, “I am just trying to broaden my horizons.” Bush also said that New Orleans was “still a mess” after Hurricane Katrina, but that he thought President Bush wasn’t all to blame: “I’m pretty sure being president has got to be tough.

Reggie Bush

But Wolf reports that this is the same Bush who was asked by a reporter at USC if he supported Bush because they shared the same name. Bush’s response: “No.”

E & P also notes Bush “was grabbed by new Jenny Craig pitchwoman Valerie Bertinelli, who exclaimed, ‘You’re the best, I’m so excited,’ then posed for a photo.

Valerie Bertinelli Eddie Van Halen Reggie Bush

To bad for Reggie, considering Bush wasn’t born the last time Val steamed up the dreams of junior high schoolers.