Mississippi Grandma Gets To Meet Reggie Bush

Now we know why Reggie Bush may not be ready to settle down with Kim Kardashian just yet. He’s having too much fun hanging with the ladies - especially grandmas from Mississippi:

Reggie Bush contest winner fan

The NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT has the story of lucky local resident Ruby Gibbs, who won the chance to meet the New Orleans running back in a contest run by Pepsi.

And Gibbs was impressed with how much of a Saint Reggie was: “He was a pleasant young man. He was very respectful and took as many pictures and signed as many autographs as was asked of him. He was patient with everyone and didn’t refuse anybody.”

Gibbs went down to the Crescent City on December 18, where she also had a chance to play against Bush. But instead of suiting up, Ruby rumbled with Reggie in a game of Madden 08 on a new X-Box 360. Although she came up short in the game, she got to keep the video game & system.

Barry Sanders Madden 08 screenshot

And the new Madden & X-Box have made her even more popular with her grandsons. However, she plans on keeping the game over at her house: “I’ll enjoy watching them play with it when they come to visit. And who knows, maybe they can show me some things, too.”