Reggie Bush May Have Attempted To Steal Ciara Away From Rapper 50 Cent

DID REGGIE AMBUSH 50 CENT’S DIME PIECE? TheBigLead spots some photos of Reggie Bush and singer Ciara from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party - leading to speculation on an entertaiment blog “that Ciara’s new lil boo is none other than Reggie.

Reggie Bush Ciara Grammys Clive Davis Party

And after an intimate inspection of this rendering of Ciara, who can blame him?

Ciara Reggie Bush 50 Cent Grammys

But with that news in mind, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS recently published a report that might have Bush shifting his considerable assets into a significant Kevlar investment, since Ciara was spotted by Daily News spies last week with 50 Cent.

50 Cent Ciara Reggie Bush

The two collaborated recently on a song for her new album, and they “were together Thursday night, looking like a couple trying not to look like a couple. The rapper was spotted in his car in LeFrak City with ‘Ciara in the backseat, attempting not to be seen.’“Another D-N source said the duo is “a new underground couple.”

If the 50 Cent-Ciara coupling is true, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Bush has tried to take something that wasn’t his.