Bush: Returning Heisman ‘Not Admission Of Guilt’

Reggie Bush spoke to the New Orleans media after Saints practice today and further addressed his forfeiting the Heisman Trophy earlier this week.

(Audio of Bush comments below)

When asked if relinquishing the award was an “admission of guilt”, Bush said:

“It’s definitely not an admission of guilt. It’s me showing my respect to the Heisman Trophy and to the people who come before me and the people who come after me. You’re going to keep hearing the same thing because that’s what it is. It’s not an admission of guilt it’s me feeling like this is the best thing for me and the Heisman Trust right now.”

Bush added that his mother and stepfather, Denise and LaMar Griffin, did not want him to return the Heisman Trophy.

“It’s the motherly and fatherly nature of parents. But they understand at the end of the day. That I’m a grown man and I got to make my own decisions and this is a learning experience and for anybody else coming after me.”

It was Bush’s mother and stepfather who, by the use of a San Diego home provided by sports marketing agent Michael Michaels, rendered Bush retroactively ineligible for the 2005 USC football season.

The Heisman Trophy Trust’s bylaws state that Bush was not entitled to the award if he was not in compliance with NCAA eligibility rules in 2005, the year he won the award.

Reggie Bush's parents Denise and LaMar Griffin

So by utilizing the house provided by sports marketing agent Michaels, Bush’s parents effectively stripped Bush of the Heisman Trophy themselves.