Reggie Bush Can’t Resist The New, Blonde Kim K.

When last we left Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, they had decided to call it quits due to conflicting schedules. Damn you, Travelocity! And so it goes with many of history’s great relationships … although Napoleon managed to stick with Josephine while off invading Russia, and being exiled to a small island. Anyway, here’s good news, Reggie and Kim fans!

Apparently America’s fun couple is back together! (Sean Payton bangs head repeatedly against locker). Because I watch the E! Entertainment channel to the exclusion of all other interests and responsibilities, I know that the two were spotted on Monday walking into Ruth’s Chris Steak House in New Orleans. And then someone, presumably her publicist, confirmed it’s back on!

From WWL AM 870:

“Despite her hectic schedule, she’s spending the rest of August in New Orleans,” said the E! report. The entertainment channel quotes an unnamed source, “They’re not sure what the future holds, but they love each other enough to give things another shot.”

The couple split up in July saying they never got to see each other.

But nowhere in the report does it mention what I think is the real reason for the reconciliation: Kim’s new, blonde hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian

Then there’s this, from IN TOUCH:

The report adds that Kim was even seen in the airport toting around a puppy that she bought Reggie as a gift. As for their romance, Kim’s sister Khloe tells In Touch that the couple will probably get back together. Kim also admits that life is different these days: “I don’t like being single — it’s not for me,” she says.

So to recap: Michael Vick with the Eagles, Donte Stallworth suspended for the season, Plaxico Burress gets two years in the clink, Reggie Bush prefers blondes.