Bush At USC Made More Than UH’s June Jones?

David Whitley (via FAN IQ) douses the haterade on Reggie Bush with a column in the ORLANDO SENTINEL (which has a vastly underrated sports staff).

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian Floyd Mayweather

(Beautiful People?”)

Excerpt of Whitley drive-by: “He has a $60 million contract. His jersey is one of the NFL’s hottest sellers. He’s hanging out with the Beautiful People, and nobody seems to be all that upset.

The piece also includes a new zinger from “Tarnished Heisman” author Don Yaeger.

Whitley: “The NCAA has been investigating the case since 2005, but (Lloyd) Lake didn’t come forward until late last year. Yaeger has listened to the tapes and says they are highly incriminating.

‘Reggie Bush made more money that year than June Jones did coaching Hawaii,’ he said. The question then becomes whether USC knew about the money. Or did it not want to know?