Refrigerator Perry Tries To Sack Serious Illness

There are certain sports figures who can do no wrong. Not only are they likable and never embroiled in sordid off-the-field matters, but you’d almost have to give them a pass even if they were because of the importance they had in your childhood. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago and watching those Monsters of the Midway destroy the competition, William “Refrigerator” Perry is one of those figures. Which is why it sucks to hear today that he currently isn’t doing too well in the health department.

Refrigerator Perry

According to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Perry - who is shockingly only 45 years old - is suffering from something called Guillain-Barr syndrome, which “affects the peripheral nervous system and causes progressive weakness.” The illness is so crippling on him that Perry needs to use a wheelchair to get around. Again, he’s only 45.


Perry, 45, remains good-natured despite suffering the sometimes life-threatening effects of Guillain-Barré syndrome, which affects the peripheral nervous system and causes progressive weakness. He was hospitalized for five months and is using a wheelchair as he rehabilitates.

“I’m doing fine,” Perry said. “I’m walking a little bit and rehabbing and doing what I’m supposed to. Tell everybody that I’m doing a whole lot better. It just takes time. I hope to be up and about in a walker real soon.”

However, the most shocking fact to come out of the article might be this: The Fridge was once athletic enough to dunk a basketball!

Let’s all hope the man can make a full recovery and get himself back into the spotlight somehow. The world has been a lesser place without the Fridge’s big gap-toothed mug on television.