‘Refrigerator’ Perry Still Chillin’ After Health Scare

If you’re over 30, you almost certainly remember the lore of William “Refrigerator” Perry, the Chicago Bears nose tackle/running back who transcended the game with his massive stature during the Bears’ 1985 Super Bowl.

william refrigerator perry SI cover

The 45-year-old Perry was checked into a hospital after suffering symptoms of a rare inflammatory disorder. No, it wasn’t hemorrhoids.

From Fred Mitchell at CHICAGO SPORTS. COM:

The Bears’ first-round draft pick out of Clemson in 1985 said he suffered the effects of Guillain Barre Syndrome, which is an inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms include general weakness of the legs, arms, breathing muscles and face.

“I am out of the hospital now; I was low in potassium and I just felt kind of weak, I lost a little weight. I never had anything like this before. It just all of a sudden came up on me. I’m doing wonderful now.”

Perry currently lives in his hometown of Aiken, South Carolina. During his heyday, he made cameos on The A-Team and WWE events, and even had his own G.I. JOE figure. And now he’s…well, you can book him for your next event. He’s no less of a legend now, but this reminder of his mortality reminds us of our own. And as his star fades, we all feel a little older, and a little less well.