Reebok Ready to Go With Bears, Colts as Super Bowl Champs

SUPER BOWL LOSER TEES = HELLO BANGALORE: Although already has itself covered by pre-selling two kinds of Super Bowl XLI championship DVDs - one for the Bears, another for the Colts - the Indianapolis-based Reebok printing plant ironically isn’t biased.

It’s an equal-opportunity bandwagon, as the plant readies “CHAMPIONS” T-shirts and caps ready for Bears/Colts fans to start snatching up once the scoreboard clock hits 0:00.

The merchandise could be among the five best-ever for a Super Bowl, claims Eddie White, VP of sports marketing for Reebok, the official apparel makers for the NFL.

Whichever team loses, you’ll always remember who came in second in Miami when you see the duds on the kids during the next CNN Third World special report.