Redskins Won’t Break Grandma’s Bank After All

The Washington Redskins have taken a lot of criticism both in these pages and elsewhere for their disgustingly heartless attempts to collect on 72-year-old grandmother Pat Hill’s season ticket contract after the elderly real estate agent’s business went the way of the buffalo. (THANKS, ECONOMY!) Yes, she signed a contract and all, but COME ON, ‘SKINS. In fact, you could say that the ‘Skins weren’t excoriated enough as there were no kicks made to testicles, which would have totally been understandable given the circumstances.

Pat Hill

But hark, a resolution has been agreed upon. The Redskins might hate 72-year-old grandmothers with a passion, but it turns out they like the contempt and disdain of the entire sports media even less. And so Grandma Pat is free to go bankrupt without the specter of unpaid tickets hanging over her head. Of course, the Redskins took some parting shots in the process. Because they are classy, you see.

So on the one hand, hooray for someone human actually stepping in and realizing how stupid the whole thing is - the Redskins will do just fine without Pat Hill’s $66,360. But BOOO to the Redskins for blaming Hill for the whole thing.

From the WAPO:

I was sorry to read in the Post your account of your financial difficulties that prevented you from being able to pay for your Redskins Club Seats in 2008. I wish that you had returned our calls in 2008 or reached out to me in response to the letters I and others had sent you and explained your situation. If that had happened, we never would have proceeded with the claim against you.

Hill says that she did respond to everything from the team, to no avail. But for being such a big bad corporate monolith, the Redskins sure got some thin skin, don’t they?